Snow Blind
Season 4, Episode 13
Third Watch
Air date January 27, 2003
Written by Scott Williams
Directed by Guy Norman Bee
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Plot Edit

A big snow storm bears down on the city. Emily defies her mother and goes out with a boy in the storm and gets sick after taking drugs he gave her.

Short summaryEdit

Sully has stopped drinking, but his poor attitude remains; Carlos gives his 2-week notice; a blizzard blankets the city and the squads are called in early; an understaffed Doc defies orders and puts Carlos back on the street as the squads are kept busy rescuing victims of the storm; Faith's initial wariness about Emily's new boyfriend, Eric Beckman turns out to be well-founded after he is brought into Mercy after overdosing on Special K, but he doesn't remember where he left Emily after she also got high; Faith, Bosco, Sully, Ty, Doc and Carlos go out to search for Emily, and rush her to Mercy after she's found in critical condition; Faith and Fred each blame each other for letting Emily go out with Eric.


  • Faith puts on her scarf as she talks to Emily in the bedroom, but when she walks out into the living room to leave for work, she's no longer wearing the scarf, and we see her putting it on again.


  • Aimee Mann sang "High on Sunday 51" from her "Lost in Space" cd.
  • Method Man and Redman sang "Da Rockwilder" from their "Blackout!" cd.


Carlos: How many of our brethren you think aren’t answering their phones?
Davis: I’m gonna say most of them.
Carlos: Wait a minute, why are we again?
Davis: Because unlike them, we are responsible city employees who…are idiots and didn’t know there was a storm coming.

Doc (while on the phone): All of the paramedics and fill-ins I got on my roster, not one them’s answering their phone.
Kim (to herself): And yet I answered. What the hell is my problem?

Yokas (to Emily): Any boy ever pressures you about coming up to this apartment, you let them know that your mom’s a cop and that she’s not gonna be too happy to find him here.

Bosco: Eric Beckman, you dumbass.

Yokas (to Eric Beckman about Emily) You better pray that she’s all right, because if she’s not I swear to God, I will kill you myself.

Sully: You know, Faith, what does not kill us makes us stronger.

Sully: Most snow falls at 15 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. The air holds more water vapor at higher temperatures.
Bosco: Thank you, Al Roker.

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