Grace Foster

Grace Foster is a paramedic of the FDNY. She was portrayed by Cara Buono and lasted throughout season five to the show's final season.


Not much information is given on Grace, but she has a mother, Annie, who was a war nurse who later became a homeless woman with a heroin addiction. She became addicted to morphine while working in Vietnam. Grace tried to take her mother home, but she ran away. She used to work at the 6-8 in Bed-Stuy before being transferred to the 5-5. In the series finale, Grace married Officer Brendan Finney and is expecting her first child with him.


Grace appears to have a "tough-as-nails" personality and referred to the 5-5 as a "country club" before Carlos set her straight. At Mikey Boscorelli's funeral when a bomb goes off at the funeral home, she breaks the rules in order to save Rose Boscorelli's life.


Annie Foster (mother)


Officer Brendan Finney (husband)


(expecting first child with Brendan)

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