Season 4, Episode 7
Third Watch
Air date November 11, 2002
Written by Scott Williams
Directed by Nelson McCormick
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"Firestarter" is the 7th episode of the fourth season of "Third Watch." The episode aired on November 11, 2002.

Plot Edit

Bosco is at a supermarket with his mother when it bursts into flames. He and Faith go in search of the arsonist. Doc has another try at romance. Ty is assigned to drive the Chief, who he saved during the riots.


When a fire breaks out in the supermarket where Bosco and his mother Rose are doing some late night shopping, Bosco rescues most of the shoppers, but is unable to save a young mother when she goes back inside to retrieve her purse.After Jimmy tells him that the fire was probably deliberately set, Bosco is convinced that he saw the arsonist in the crowd outside after the fire. Sgt. Cruz gets Bosco and Faith assigned to the Anti-Crime Unit for a few days so that they can track the guy down.The next night at the scene of another supermarket fire, Faith takes down license plate numbers, Cruz photographs the crowd and cars at the scene and Bosco nabs the man he saw in the crowd the night before.The man turns out to be a fire buff, but Faith & Cruz's work bears fruit and they find their arsonist, the son of Doug Maple, an NYFD arson investigator. A depressed Sully is still on leave, drinking too much and sleeping on the couch at Ty's & Carlos' apartment.Doc connects with an attractive woman whose friend was injured in the fire. Ty continues to chafe under Hancock's thumb. Bosco can't understand why his mother would rather have a son who's alive than a son who's a hero until he learns some lessons about parental love from Faith and Doug Maple.

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Fred (Chris Bauer) does not appear in this episode


  • Patsy Cline "Walkin' After Midnight"
  • Goo Goo Dolls "Sympathy"


Dr. Fields (to Bosco about his burns): You may develop some blistering later on.
Bosco: I can't wait.

Carlos (about why he didn't bring a girl home): Until I remembered the big depressed cop sleeping on our couch. You know, man, if that isn't a mood killer, I don't know what is.

Bosco (to Cruz): What happened to pissing people off?
Cruz: I like pissing people off.

Carlos (to Doc about Joy): And here you are, snaking her right out from under the nose of an injured man and she's half your age. My hat's off to you, bad boy.

Yokas: If it was up to me, my kids would never cry. They'd never be embarrassed, or humiliated, or disappointed. They'd never get hurt. That's how much you love them. You want to put them in a bubble for safekeeping. Some place where there's no psychos, there's no drugs, and there's no danger.
Bosco: No life.
Yokas: I didn't say it was rational.