Season 3, Episode 17
Third Watch
Air date April 8, 2002
Written by Janine Sherman Barrois
Directed by Jesus Salvador Trevino
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Plot Edit

Bosco starts having panic attacks. Carlos is discovering the trials of single parenthood, and starts thinking about adoption. Faith is studying for the Sergent's exam.

Short summary Edit

Bosco's emotional turmoil escalates when he begins to experience panic attacks and flashbacks, but he denies there's anything wrong. After he has a panic attack while driving the patrol car and nearly causes a crash, Sully insists that Bosco see his friend Brian O'Malley, a therapist and a former cop. Bosco angrily resists O'Malley's suggestion that the panic attacks and flashbacks to the incidents with Shaquana Golden, Jared McKinley and Glen Hobart are the result of September 11 post-traumatic stress disorder, and storms out of the counseling session. His personal crisis comes to a head when he is suspended from duty for a week and ordered into mandatory counseling for punching a suspect already in custody. Shaken, he visits Faith at home and finally breaks down, relating the horror of watching people fall to their deaths from the Towers, unable to help them, ashamed that his fear left him frozen and unable to go back and help anyone else for several hours. Carlos starts an open adoption process for Kylie, but fails to follow through on appointments as he becomes more attached to her. Ty pitches in to help with the babysitting, and saves Kylie's life when she suddenly becomes very ill and stops breathing. Fred invests his hopes for a better future for his family on Faith's passing the sergeant's exam, and reacts angrily when he learns that Faith's preoccupation with Bosco's well-being may have caused her to fail it.

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