Emily Yokas is Officer Faith Yokas' daughter and oldest child. In seasons 1-3, she was portrayed by PJ Morrison as a recurring role. By season 4, she was replaced by Bonnie Dennison who lasted throughout the rest of the series.


Emily is the oldest child and only daughter of Faith and Fred Yokas. She has a younger brother named Charlie. In the 4th season, Emily and Faith were held hostage in a bank. Later on, she and her boyfriend, Eric overdosed on Special K. When Eric is brought into the emergency room, high on Special K, he doesn't remember where he left Emily after she got high. Emily is later found and rushed over to the hospital where she was in critical condition. She later survives the overdose.

Near the end of the show, Faith and Fred divorced. Charlie went to live with Fred while Emily chose to live with Faith.


Faith Yokas (mother)

Fred Yokas (father)

Charlie Yokas (brother)

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