Crime and Punishment (Part I)
Season 4, Episode 9
Third Watch
Air date December 2, 2002
Written by Janine Sherman Barrois
Directed by Charles Haid
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Plot Edit

Bosco and Cruz attend a shooting and mess up a dying declaration. Sully is back at work, but Faith isn't sure he is ready to return to duty.

Short summary Edit

Doc and Joy hook up. Miguel White (the boy from "To Protect...") witnesses one drug dealer murder another, and becomes the dealer's next target.

On his first day back at work, Sully rides with Faith, who is put off by his short fuse and bad attitude. When he leaves a prisoner unguarded and uncuffed, Faith tells him to go home because he's not ready to be back on the job.

Sully gets drunk and goes to his mother's nursing home. Sobbing about Tatiana, he attempts to batter down the door when the receptionist refuses to let him in and calls the police.

After Hancock arrives on the scene, Sully mouths off to him about Nancy in front of the other officers who are there to take him home.


Yokas: When you have a boss, it's not about whether or not you're right or wrong. It's about making them right.

Shalike: Officer Boscorelli?
Bosco: Yeah?
Shalike: Thank you.
Miguel: Mom, what you thanking him for? He almost shot me.

Vernon: [to Bosco] You are one seriously angry little dude.

Bosco: [to Yokas] How's Emily doing?
Yokas: She's all right. I gave her a couple of days off from school.
Bosco: What do you write on the note for that? "Please excuse my daughter's absence. I accidentally got bank robber brains on her."

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