Collateral Damage (Part Two)
Season 4, Episode 15
Third Watch
Air date February 10, 2003
Written by Siobhan Byrne O'Connor
Directed by Skipp Sudduth
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Plot Edit

Emily goes home from the hospital. Bosco and Cruz are trapped in the burning lab house. Kim is ready to make her statement about the alleged assault.

Short summaryEdit

As she stays by Emily's bedside, Faith recalls her first days at the Police Academy and the beginning of her friendship with Bosco; the fire squad rescues Bosco, Maritza, and a very pregnant Linda Barnes from the inferno, but Lettie Cruz succumbs to her drug binge before they can reach her; Emily is released from the hospital and takes responsibility for her overdose; Bosco tracks down Gary Barnes with Linda's help; Maritza and Bosco's relationship goes to a new level when he attempts to comfort her on the loss of her sister; Kim finally testifies before the review board and stands up for Carlos.


  • In the flashback scene, Faith is talking about her first day and says she kept thinking someone should call the cops, then she realized she was the cops. This is exactly the same thing Ty said in season one episode "Hell Is What You Make of It" when talking to Carlos.
  • In the seen where the Lt. says that he need additional units to respond to the fire in the house Bosco and Cruz are in: This is all the way in the Rockaways, The Rockaways is in the county of Queens, Thats way out of the district of the 55Pct. They cover the uptown part of Manhattan. How can they go all the way to another borough. New york City consist of 5 Boroughs?
  • Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) and Sully (Skipp Sudduth), do not appear in this episode


  • "Mad World" by Michael Andrews, featuring Gary Jules.


  • (During a flashback)
  • Bosco: I’ve been watching you.
  • Yokas: Really? I’m flattered. But I’m married.

  • (Yokas’s flashback back when she first met Bosco for the first time)
  • Bosco: Mother?
  • Yokas: Excuse me?
  • Bosco: You look like a mother.
  • Yokas: Yeah, actually I have two ki.. (Bosco walks away) You look like an ass.

  • (In a flashback where Bosco is talking to Yokas about her shooting skills)
  • Bosco: Come on. You’d have a better chance if they let you throw the gun at it and count it as 6 if you hit it.

  • (When the woman who gave birth during the fire asks Bosco his name)
  • Woman: I’m sorry, I’m just not naming my son Maurice.
  • Bosco: I don’t blame you.

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