Collateral Damage (Part One)
Season 4, Episode 14
Third Watch
Air date February 3, 2003
Written by Edward Allen Bernero
Directed by Brooke Kennedy
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Plot Edit

Emily is lying unconscious in the hospital. Cruz and Bosco go on the hunt for drug suppliers after they find Cruz's sister in the ER with an overdose. Kim is putting off making her statement about Carlos.

Short summaryEdit

While Faith waits for Emily to awaken from her coma, she blames everyone but her daughter for the overdose and reflects on the substance abuse problems in her family; After Cruz's sister, Letty is brought into the hospital with an overdose, Cruz gets Sully, Ty and Bosco to look the other way on any possession charges and sets off with Bosco to find the location of her supplier's meth lab, where they end up in an inferno when the dealer sets the house on fire; Kim is reluctant to give a statement in Carlos's case because she's feeling pressured to lie to save his career.


  • In this episode, Emily is in the hospital from her drug overdose. It's the same day that she was taken to the ER when she was in a bad snow storm. But yet, the streets are clear of all snow as if it never snowed at all, but yet it can be the same day, if not, then the next day.
  • Alex (Amy Carlson), Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian) and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) do not appear in this episode.


  • P.O.D: Youth of the Nation
  • Gary Jules: Mad World


  • Fred: Chapels are comforting.
  • Yokas: Fred, it’s just a closet. The hospital decided to call it a chapel. If that makes you feel comforted, you knock yourself out.

  • Bosco: How could they have known we were coming? We were being so inconspicuous and all.

  • Bosco (to Letty): You’re like a child touching fire and everyone keeps you from burning yourself.

  • Dr. Fields: I think your judgement’s just a little clouded, officer.
  • Cruz: Sergeant.
  • Dr. Fields: Well, then that’s a damn shame.

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