Closing In
Season 4, Episode 21
Third Watch
Air date April 21, 2003
Written by Scott Williams
Directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá
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Plot Edit

Noble makes it up to Kim for standing her up on their date. Bosco is starting to realize the truth about Cruz.

Short summaryEdit

Cruz's desire to find the leader of the meth ring puts Bosco in a uncomfotable position. Faith tries to improve her relationship with Emily and also gets a new partner, Sasha, at work. Noble is released from jail and sets up a new date with Kim.


  • Doc (Michael Beach), Alex (Amy Carlson) and Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian) do not appear in this episode.


Sasha: That’s just Cruz. It’s when she’s not bitchy that I get worried. She’s insecure, overcompensates and never lets anyone forget that she’s in charge.
Yokas: Yeah, that’s her in a nutshell.
Sasha: Yeah, but she’s weak. And the weak always get what’s coming.
Bosco: Destroying city property, littering, riding without a helmet. It's a one-man crime wave.
Willie: I want my lawyer.
Bosco: You want your mommy.
Cruz: On my count.
Bosco: Okay.
Cruz: Bosco, don’t ever go snooping through my place again.
Bosco: I won’t be there again.
Cruz: Even better.
Bosco: On your count.
Fred (to Yokas): Bosco knows you had an abortion?
Yokas: That is not the point!
Fred: The hell it isn't!
Yokas: Fred, I didn't tell him intentionally. It just sort of came out.
Fred: How the hell does something that personal just come out?
Yokas: I don't know. It's what happens between partners.
Fred: Really? 'Cause I'm pretty tight with Jimmy Rohn down at my job and he doesn't know.
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